Calendar 366 II

The most complete and powerful menu bar calendar for macOS.

v2 comes with a beautiful fresh design, 8 different views and 9 themes to perfectly fit your needs and a lot of new features such as invitations & attachments. Best of all, Calendar 366 uses your Mac calendar & reminder accounts.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
I've tried quite a few mini calendar apps. I love this one, it replaces the Mac time/date taskbar item and it's unobtrusive. The existing Mac reminders app used to be great but with the lastest Mac OS release you can no longer make it mini.
The product looks, Great! I appreciate the design. Thanks
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! Any chances of making it for Windows?
@arlogilbert did you try Fantastical 2 for Mac? If yes did you find any value added with Calendar 366?
@demtzu I gave up on Fantastical, reminders just couldn't sync consistently. Times would get modified, recurring and alarms had issues etc....
@demtzu @arlogilbert i agree with the observations on fantastical. Dog slow even on the latest hardware, synch issues galore.
Looks nice. How does it compare to Itsycal?