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Make magic happen with calculations

#4 Product of the DaySeptember 24, 2019
Make magic with Paperform Calculations! So much more than "1 + 1", use familiar Excel-esque functions and math to combine, transform and manipulate answers live on your forms.
Great for:
- Quizzes
- Complex logic
- Custom quotes & pricing
- Loads more!
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Hey PH family! We're absolutely pumped to announce Calculations - a powerful new question type that is available now on Paperform. As a self-titled nerd, calculations really excite me, because they open up so many new opportunities and crazy ways for people to use Paperform. So far, we're seeing really strong usecases for calculations in: *Quizzes* Have as many variables as you want, and whatever crazy logic you want. Calculations also let you work with text, there is a whole suite of functions for working with user entered text! *Custom Quotes / Pricing* Paperform has fantastic eCommerce features already like a "products" field and custom pricing rules, but calculations are there for when your needs get beyond the defaults. *Custom Validation* With a built in error function, you can use your own logic to prevent the form from being submitted! We're only just scratching to surface of what calculations could be used for, and we can't wait to see what people will come up with. ✌🏻
Crazy excited at the potential of what this can do! Possibilities are endless :)
That’s a pretty neat feature! Love that the maker took the time to record such a detailed and personal video, thanks Dean!
Oh s*** this actually is a legit feature! Well done! Keen to try it out fully!
Looks impressive! It opens up so many possibilities🌟