Calculate colors. Share palettes.

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2020
A new way to manage digital colors. Leave abstract color models behind and focus on the important things. Preview a color, find its matching counterparts or modify the color composition. Create shareable color palettes and turn them into living style guides.
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Hi hunters, since I already got to know some great tools here, I would like to introduce you a little project of myself today. I wrote my master’s thesis about the bad UX of digital color models. To propose an alternative, I created a web-based color palette management tool for designers, developers and everyone else. Please note that the application is still in an early beta state and there are some more features in the pipeline. Feedback greatly appreciated!
Very well built. Beautiful looking and simple UX. But I'm sorry to say I don't understand the Chart function. Why isn't is made as HSB, which I feel is way more easy to edit?
@lars_hartmann Thanks a lot you for your kind and important feedback! The color chart is indeed meant to be an easier-to-use alternative to current color models like RGB or HSL/HSV/HSB. These models require to use three separate sliders which interact with each other in a way that is hard to predict (at least for novices). The color chart integrates different sliders into one single view and therefore makes the connection between the settings clearer. Instead of manipulating predefined parameters you can use it to simply edit the ingredients of a color, like mixing colors in the real world. And similar as within the HSB model, you can still manipulate H with the slider on the right, S with the middle slider and B with the slider on the left. But you are right, maybe it would be cool to provide an option to switch between different color models…
@lars_hartmann PS: The color chart is heavily based on the findings of Harald Küppers (
wow! impressing and something really new! I will use it. Hope to see an iphone/ipad app one day. I think it will work great on touch screens.
@bekzat Thank you! I’m glad that you like the tool. The site is fully responsive, so you can already use it on your smartphone. If you add it to your home screen (via sharing menu) it works almost like a real app. A native app would be nice though, I also hope to have one in the future! :)
I love this so much!