Calco 2

A clever scientific calculator

Calco 2 is a clever scientific calculator designed for amazing productivity.

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Hello folks! Calco is a simple scientific calculator built for amazing productivity. It was built with the familiarity of its physical counterparts together with features that make good use of the capabilities of your iPhone. (No, it is not just a skinned calculator that does nothing more than the stock calculator. See the attached video!)
@jianjie_ Great calculator app! but I wish it will reduce complexity. It really complicated for me.
@hoangloi Which part of it is complicated?
Very nice product! Just a small sugestion, i type 4e1 (i was looking for 4*e power 1) it get me 40. So i dont know how it interprete the e1 as 10 in the computation
@david770 e will behave as the exponent operator if it has a left and right operand (e.g. 2e2) and in other cases it'll behave as the Euler's number. I think what you are looking for is the power operator and it is ^.
@jianjie_ on make sense 😄 thanks