Calcbot for Apple Watch

Calculate, convert, and split tips from your wrist

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OK I'm here, what now?
@tapbot_paul Answer busloads of questions about becoming the defacto calculator/converter standard app for Apple Watch. And telling us about the features that Calcbot will be gaining in the next couple of updates. :-)
Love the app but not so sure if the force-touch-for-operations is the best idea. Really slows things down.
@marmelroy it's either that or buttons that are likely too tiny to touch reliably. Would be nice to have a different option, but don't think anything is available in the API.
My favorite iPhone/Mac calculator reworked for the Apple Watch. Comes with a bunch of nice, handy functions. Makes you wonder what it'll do when the Tapbot dudes actually have an Apple Watch to play with...
@t55 yep, love Paul!
So, @tapbot_paul was asking to be trolled on Twitter, so I'll try my best. @tapbot_paul - I really feel you're hurting mathematical education in our society. People should add, subtract, and multiply in their head. You should stop making stuff. (I'm bad at this)
@rrhoover you really really are!
The buttons are too small to tap, you should make them bigger like Cruncher does (the calculator app that is featured on the Apple Watch AppStore).
@fichek let's see you do better! ๐Ÿ˜˜
@tapbot_paul my next update has 2 buttons, like a UIStepper. And a 10 second timer to chose the next digit.