The intelligent calculator and unit converter by Tapbots

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Mike Bracco
Mike Bracco@bracco · Product at JibJab tweetbot for Mac and iPad! ;)
Jord Riekwel
Jord RiekwelHunter@larkef · Designer of kick-ass logos since 2010.
The talented folk at Tapbots have created yet another sexy looking and useful app. Here is hoping that Tweetbot for Mac will get the same visual treatment?
Maksim Petriv
Maksim Petriv@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
Very cool.
Max Wendkos
Max Wendkos@maxwendkos · Product Designer + Other Things
Does this app come with a widget for the menu bar, @Larkef? I like for my calculator to be easily accessible from every screen.