Creates calendar events that fill in their own settings.

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Calbert is a little tool built by Draft AI to make sending calendar invites easier and faster. It's a Chrome extension for google calendar that works anywhere on the web. You click it (or use Alt+S) and type in when you want the invite to be in natural language (e.g., Next Tue 3pm) plus any time zone adjustment (e.g., Next Tue 3pm ET) and it shows you your calendar with that time overlaid. You can also add invitees just by typing - click send and the invite goes out just as if you had done it manually from gcal. If you are in gmail it grabs the date, time etc., from the email you have open and fills in those details for you (including the invitee's email).
Calbert works anywhere in the web from gmail to outlook to inbox - copy and paste in the time-date reference and it converts it into a calendar entry. It shaves off a few more seconds in gmail though by removing the copy and paste step!
Love the idea and am trying it out. Since I use Inbox instead of gmail, it's not quite as helpful though. I wish for non-gmail users it would recognize information highlighted and pre-populate that.
@karinamikhli yes totally. Looks like a great product, except not Inbox friendly. :(
@jonw That seems to be a trend. I've been tempted once or twice to return to Gmail but Inbox has features I love.
@karinamikhli yeah I don't think I could ever go back to Gmail...
@karinamikhli - I have good news! Calbert works in Inbox. Highlight the date-time information (Cmd C to copy it), open Calbert and then Cmd V to paste it. Also... <3 Inbox
@alex_foster Isn't that just regular copy and paste?
Very neat application of a bot - I think this solves an annoying problem for a lot of people!
I've noticed when I have dates or times in my emails within Gmail, clicking on it can create a calendar event just the same. No? I can see how this is helpful on other sites, but I feel like Gmail has something similar, available out of the box.
@deec_nj it works really badly and can't include invites ;)
I always find filling forms as one of the simplest problem which we haven't solved yet. This is one step closer to what I have thought of. Validates my own hypothesis :)