Approve your time-off requests and track time against projects directly — without leaving Slack. Access your HR data from Slack, Mobile, GSuite, Office 365, JIRA.
- On-click Slack integration
- Timesheets
- Time-off tracking
- Slack reminders
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7 Reviews5.0/5
Hello, Product Hunt community! Calamari is a modern leave and attendance management HR system with Slack integration fully approved by users. Combined with Slack it makes your time-off planning and attendance tracking simple and pleasant. The most important HR information is accessible directly from Slack. With a few simple commands, you can see, request and manage time-off, quickly mark your working time and breaks, and much more. It's a great solution for companies scattered around various offices. Calamari is a multilingual tool appreciated in over 95 countries on all continents. Thanks to our international experience, we understand and can meet the needs of clients from around the world. Calamari allows employees to have constant control over the number of hours worked, the current attendance list, and the time spent on a given project. It helps you manage your time better and always be up to date on various projects. To help you to integrate your employees and build a friendly work environment, Calamari heeps your team informed about upcoming birthdays and gives you a possibility to celebrate together. Main Calamari + Slack features: - time-off information always at hand - quick and convenient time recording - in-Slack notifications instead of emails - reminders: start/close workday, upcoming absences, birthday - approving time-off requests directly from Slack - displaying an attendance list - easy-to-use type commands - always ready to help support team You're logging in to Calamari by your Slack account, so you don't have to remember any additional passwords. We value customer feedback very much and constantly working on new features to provide an even better experience in employee time management. We're happy to answer all your questions and help you learn more about Calamari + Slack Integration. Thank you! ;)
Love the simplicity of the product and the ease of use. The Slack integrations is a huge time saver. I get notified who is not coming and planned leaves well in advance. Also, approving leaves and time sheets is just a click of a button and I don't even have to log into Calamari. Keep up the good work guys.
@rumblinglankan Thank you very much for appreciating our product! If you like notifications about planned absences, you may also be interested in notifications about the upcoming birthdays of colleagues. It's a great way to integrate the team and celebrate together ;).
Calamari is best leave and attendance management HR system on the market. Price/value ratio rocks and Slack integration only makes it better.
@krzysztof_werner Thank you for such kind words ;). We're always working to improve our tool. Recently, we added the option of track time against projects to our integration with Slack and we already have ideas for new helpful functionalities that will appear later this year.
Never had to look for another HR tool ever since we started using Calamari at Creately. Slack integration has been making everyone's life easy in the team as it has cut down the time/effort to login to the application. Also, 5 stars for the simplicity of the product and Slack-integration definitely complements that further. Super excited for you guys!
@belinda_wewalage Thank you! We're glad to be there to help ;) Stay tuned for our upcoming features this year. They will make our integration even more convenient to use!
One of the most useful SaaS, HR-related products out there. Been using it for past 2 years at Brand24.