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#4 Product of the DayMay 03, 2015
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Please add social logins, a LinkedIn importer and make some forms, i really don't want to write my CV as if I'm using Word
@neobeppe You are right. I am planing to add this feature!
@neobeppe We launched the LinkedIn import feature! Please take a look :)
I started something similar (easy/beautiful CV-like page) a while ago, never got a chance to actually launch it: (Here is an example of what you could make:
@romaincointepas looks interesting, definitely gonna try it
@romaincointepas Cool! The result looks great! If you could provide a easy way to build it, I will try!
Hello Product Hunters! This is yet another online resume builder. I built it because I couldn't find an online resume platform that meet my requirements: 1. Free editing, no forms 2. Traffic analytics 3. Stand alone page, not an embedded doc in a website Looking forward to your comments. Thank you! [EDIT] Please try the resume editor on it. I combined redactor editor with the grid system from bootstrap, which I think is a cool feature.
Love seeing things that take the pain away from making resumes. I assume there's plans for more templates? That seems to be what is winning at.
@zaccoffman You are right! If any one need a template for his/her resume, I would like to help!
This is awesome! I really like this space and been meaning to build something similar myself. I think LinkedIn is not for everyone and having an online resume that can be easily created and shared with a link is very powerful. However, I'm not in love with the name. It's a great name for a resume builder site, but not sure for a place I want to host my brand. But, I could be wrong.
@salimmadjd Thanks for the great comment! You could suggest another name for me. I would be glad to change it!