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Interactive learning for new parents and caregivers ๐Ÿ‘ถ

I've been a physician assistant for 5 years but I've recently found an incredible amount of joy in helping fellow new parents navigate one of the most stressful times in life. I've gathered a few experts in one place to start building a trusted and accessible school for new caregivers. Just getting started and would be deeply appreciative of any feedback or offers to collaborate. Offering 35% off any course with the code "PH" as well. Thanks so much for taking a look!
I've known Kate for many years and I'm so proud of her today. I recently began babysitting and I didn't know the first thing about looking after a toddler. Kate and Cake Parenting have saved me time and again. Sometimes (read: often) I was a little embarrassed when I didn't know what to do and Cake has so many great tips about do's/don'ts/best practices for childcare. Kate is a supermom - but also a superfounder - and her dedication to help caregivers make children's lives better inspires me everyday.
As a video producer I happen to know that 1) VOD is the future of distribution 2) educational content is perfectly suited for VOD. 3) and quality matters. #nailedit
@mhelbig1 Thank you Matt! You know a thing or two about content creation :)
HI, found it very interesting. Are there any plans to bring this to Brazil? Would you be willing to talk about it?