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Media collaboration and project management for design and production teams re-thought.

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Hey Product Hunt, Sandip here from Cage (it's been a embarrassingly long while since we were last here). Today we pulled back the curtains on the all-new Cage, media collaboration and project management for teams. We’ve rethought Cage from the ground up and this release if full of new features, improvements and tools. Cage is a platform to streamline team communication, manage projects and tasks, have collaborative media reviews, centralize asset management and initiate faster approvals – helping teams simplify their processes and increase everyone’s productivity, all in one place. A few of our current enterprise customers include folks like Sapient, CMT, The Foundry, Best Buy, Crayola, Intel, Leo Burnett, Jim Henson Company and Lego. We want to help design and production teams do their best work, make the most of their work day, and ultimately exceed expectations. Try it for yourself today: We’d also like to extend the Product Hunt community 25% off their first 3 months if you wish to upgrade your account. Simply use the code: ph25 I should also note, there’s no credit card required for the 15 free trial, you can cancel at anytime. We'll keep this promotion open until October 1, 2017.
@sandipatcage trying to sign up but keep getting an error
@kcucchia hey Kenny, super sorry to hear that. Mind dropping us an email and we'll get you all fixed up? You can reach us at:
It all sounds interesting, but I really miss an easy way to see what the product actually looks like before I sign up. There's so many tools that do a similar thing, quickly showing what yours looks and feels like would be a good idea. If I'm gonna spend a bunch of time in a tool, I'd like to see it before signing up. That's my two cents :)
@jonnotie hey Jonno! That's a fair opinion to have and I appreciate the feedback. You'll see plenty of updates to the site soon. We updated some shots to our video, you can see that on the site and our team happily does demos for folks too - but I totally understand and appreciate what you're saying. Thanks again Jonno, hope you're well.