Track your daily caffeine intake with ease

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Just to understand: Why do we need to track how many cups of coffee we drink?
@thogenhaven I'm a big fan of tracking everything, there's no obvious reason for that. And although I like to have everything in one place, adding Caffeine directly with Apple Health is awful.
@thogenhaven it's not only about cup of coffees, but rather about how much caffeine you consume and what it does for your body.
@thogenhaven Too much caffeine can leave you feeling sick. Up to 400 mg of caffeine is safe, but drinking that or more can have some varying symptoms. Check
@thogenhaven I track caffeine intake to avoid getting numb to it and make sure it hits me well every time
This is nice - good job. But I feel that I would break it... #500mg
Hey! We created Caffeine because existing solutions either didn't work with Apple Health or didn't look like something we wanted to use ourselves. We wanted to get this out there as early as possible, so the functionality is pretty limited for now: you can add beverages to your daily caffeine intake and Caffeine will add them to Apple Health. An extension for Apple Watch and some other features are coming soon and we're definitely listening if you're missing something. If there are any questions, I'm happy to help ☺️
I was an early beta tester of the app and had the privilege to enjoy it in it's earliest phase. As someone who loves to drink (good) coffee, it was awesome to see my daily caffeine intake directly in Apple Health.
Well done. Looks like Reporter for Caffeine.