Track caffeine intake in order to sleep better

If you're like me, sometimes you go a bit...overboard with your caffeine consumption. You feel like having a bit less would help improve your sleep. Let Cafei tell you exactly how much you can drink to still be able to get a good night's sleep.
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@andrei_istoc Can you allow the user to customize the quantity and caffeine amount manually? My morning Bulletproof coffee is 11.45 fl. oz. not 8.0 fl. oz, and I can't select fractions of a quantity or update the serving quantity. Also, for my Runa guayusa tea (thanks for including guayusa at least) it's a 12 oz. can with 175mg of caffeine, and I can't customize that either. I can't see myself using the app long-term without these basic customizations, otherwise it certainly appears to be a useful app. Thank you!
@javazen I thought of adding those features and I also want to add the ability to create custom drinks. These will come with an update. Thank you for your feedback and for trying out the app. Also, yay for Bulletproof Coffee haha

Fix the quantity entry issues and this will be a killer application. For example, my morning bulletproof coffee is 11.60 oz., however the default volume is 8 fl. oz. I am unable to either modify the quantity - 1.45 servings - or the volume - 11.6 fl. oz. This makes the functionality of the app extremely limited.


I like that it gives you the actionable timeline of when you should be able to sleep well after consuming caffeine.


The ability to input products is VERY limited. You can't modify serving volume or quantity.

Loved this as I my current caffeine intake averages ~1000mg daily. I hope you add some animation/visuals in future updates!