It’s hard to find good, productive spaces! Café Wifi is an adventure app for documenting and discovering the best cafés, coworking spaces, airport lounges, hotels, and more, both near you and worldwide.

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Hey guys! We’re expanding onto the web today to make it easier to research while on desktops/laptops. — Our core user-experience (voting/discovery/etc.) and community will continue to evolve on mobile as well. (Currently iOS, soon Android, too!) This was a huge, multi-month project, and we're stoked to finally get it out to you today. Any bugs or issues/feedback please post here, or better yet email us: — Also, please subscribe to our newsletter if you want to hear about more cool stuff in the coming months!
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@benguild @cafewifi Yes! While I often need a "place to work" when I'm out and about, it's much more likely that I'll know when I'm going to be WFH/WFC a couple of days ahead of it actually happening, and get to plan out where I'll park for a few hours. All of that happens on Desktop, so super happy to see the support there!
@benguild @cafewifi Sitting at Non solo bar in Stockholm, with my macbook and android. Could not add it. But it seems like a good initiative. Have been thinking about building something similar with AWS Lambda and Ionic.
Hey @benguild, love your work. @cafewifi's release notes are still in 2016 (since v0.9.9). ☺️
@ianchee25 @cafewifi We just released an iOS update, so this is now fixed! :)
@benguild @cafewifi > Nearby for “San Francisco, California, United States” > > No nearby matching spots have been attributed yet. Have you hit your Google Places API limit for today? ☹️ (But I’m looking forward to trying the site out later!)
Awesome work @benguild one thing - I would love to be able to add/update places via desktop, I'm more likely to connect to wifi at a cafe with my computer than phone. So adding details that way would make me a more regular user and contributor 👍
@thetwopct Great feedback, I'll see what we can do here! Thanks for commenting.
This is a great idea in theory, but unfortunately, it still depends on users uploading data. In my area (Fort Worth) there are zero cafes listed (they are all in Dallas). I wish there was something that didn't rely on users. Or something that ran in the background picking up WiFi networks you pass or something.
@ninjinka It's a work in progress. We're making it as easy as possible for people to add places using the app, which can automatically do a latency test on the Wi-Fi you're connected to after hitting "check in" on a place. Try it out! We're releasing an Android version soon.
Awesome @benguild You doing great job. I am waiting when you lunch android application.