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Ben Guild
Hey guys! We’re expanding onto the web today to make it easier to research while on desktops/laptops. — Our core user-experience (voting/discovery/etc.) and community will continue to evolve on mobile as well. (Currently iOS, soon Android, too!) This was a huge, multi-month project, and we're stoked to finally get it out to you today. Any bugs or issues/fe… See more
James Hunt
@thetwopct · Entrepreneur. Coder. Marketer. Founder.
Awesome work @benguild one thing - I would love to be able to add/update places via desktop, I'm more likely to connect to wifi at a cafe with my computer than phone. So adding details that way would make me a more regular user and contributor 👍
Manish Sharma
@manish_vision · Digital Marketer
Awesome @benguild You doing great job. I am waiting when you lunch android application.
Ivan Verkalets
@verkalets · CTO at COAX Software
Hi, Guys, really cool idea and good product. If you could update your UI a bit - it would be great. Maybe try to make it cleaner :)