Café Wifi

Share cafés and their Wi-Fi speeds — w/ Foursquare check-ins

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Hey everyone, launching this app today. It's not even v1.0 yet, but it works great and has a thriving beta community. Please feel free to share any feedback, as I'm totally listening. We're doing sort of a "micro" launch here just to get the app publicly available, and then we'll be adding more to it later.
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A little more about what this is: "Café Wifi is powered by a community of people that work remotely or at cafés and coworking spaces, enjoying the best drinks, internet speeds, and atmospheres that cities and towns can offer. Share info about local coffee, connectivity, and coworking, and help others find the best locally as well."
@benguild How does this compare to Work Hard Anywhere?
I work from coffee shops on most days, so this seems awesome! Can't wait to take it for a spin
@aprilzero Thanks Anand! :)
I seriously wish you and WorkFrom and Work Hard and the other list apps would combine forces and make one system that has enough users to be useful. Currently it's a really hard threshold problem to get over with users. WorkFrom outside of big cities is as helpful as Yahoo Answers
It's a solid v1 Ben, I'll be using it here in Malaysia and excited to see where it goes.
@craig_bovis Thanks! :)
Does it have wifi password sharing?
@shmatkov_mykola Not yet! It will very soon. It's the #1 request so far and some of the code is already written :)