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U.N.-style translation on conference calls

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Cadence Translate rocks BECAUSE they give businesses access to the same “simultaneous interpreting” used by world leaders and diplomats at the United Nations. You can pick up the phone, dial-in to a call with your partners overseas, and have real-time translation in up to 20 languages delivered by cloud-based human interpreters. Split-channel audio allows the translation to take place instantaneously, so no more endless waiting or time lost in translation.
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Excited to be hunted! We've been obsessed with the translation and interpretation market and we're ready to present our solution to the world. I was inspired to build this service four years ago when my old firm started doing a lot of M&A deals in Asia. The 8am and 10pm conference calls were bad enough, but getting on calls where there were obviously language barriers was even more brutal. Our product makes that go away. Happy to answer any questions here!
Interpretation is never easy, but Cadence Translate is a game changer!!
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@ericsyuan大哥才是game-changer,我们小巫见大巫!:-) 让我们携手并肩塑造未来的国际通讯,让全世界讲得通!!You're the real game-changer, Eric... ;-) Let's shape the future of global communications, and make everyone in the world able to talk business anywhere! #同传无处不在
@jonathan_rechtman Love the space and really interested in checking you guys out -- this is like 同传 on conference calls? We use platforms like Zoom every day, so it would be really great to just press a button and get interpretation on-demand for our overseas calls! I agree with @ericsyuan that this is a game-changer for translation. Best of luck moving forward; excited to see what the future has in store.
@ericsyuan i agree! imagine the value of being able to have entire video conferences translated in real time - *that* would be a game changer.
@ericsyuan will there be a "Live Translation" button coming to Zoom soon? Partnership with Cadence?
As a 10+ year professional simultaneous interpreter (Chinese-English), I'm so proud that the future of interpretation is finally coming to the business world!
Super helpful for business translation. I'm a fan and happy customer.