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Convert, Repair, Edit, 3D preview your 3D files...

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Aleh Tsikhanau
Aleh TsikhanauHunter@ethnoza · Product designer & entrepreneur
Hey guys, With APIs you can add powerful CAD features into your app, website or software in minutes. It is a set of powerful APIs that allows you to automatically prepare 3D models for 3D printing. APIs seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and whether you're a 3D print company (manufacturer), designer, software developer, engineer or architect this set of APIs will help you do your job quickly and effectively.
Michael Golubev
Michael GolubevMaker@wedobiz · Made @bustmold @3dprintler @3dponics
@ethnoza Thank you for sharing API platform on ProductHunt! We build with developers in mind. We are like Twilio but for CAD. You save weeks and months of development time and have powerful CAD features in minutes. Look forward to hear your comments or suggestions :)