10 second domain registration with no bullshit hosting.

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Hi there Product Hunters! We just want to introduce you to our new friend: Cacti (little green fella up there) Cactomain is the simplest way of registering domains. It's Fast, good looking, easy to use and really simple as: “I want to buy a domain → 10s @ Cactomain → Ok, done!” A couple of things you should know about it, is that Cactomain is solely a domain register platform. Despite that, we connected our service close to hosting companies whose services you use (DO, AWS, Linode, etc…) and its gonna be epic! 😼 We really want to gain your trust so we put auto-renew button right there, next to your domain name! You can’t miss it! You don’t need 15 minutes to dig it up! (It’s turned off by default 😽💚) It also has the cutest dashboard you'll ever see and it's made for designers, developers, product owners and other cool people. You'll love it, we promise. ✌️ We planted Cacti a couple of months ago and we watered him ever since, we tried to raise him to be big, strong, and unique plant, but since he is still a baby, we'll need your help raising him and helping him make his first steps. If you like this little guy, you can spread the word out about him and if you have any questions, feel free to shoot! Also please, go easy on us because this product hunting came out of nowhere, 😅 (we planned to publish on PH in about a month) and we have a lot more to show you in the future. No Bullshit Hosting. Hassle-Free. Just Domains. Visit for the early access. Cheers 🍻🌵
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Awesome tool, which will be a game changer for domain registration. Can't wait to see it live:. Just watch this video and you will understand why
@producthunt unfortunately you don't support vimeo videos in your media upload 😫
Great idea. Pricing seems a bit steep. Is it really worth the time saving? It would be great to see pricing be a bit clearer, initially thought it was the fee for membership. Would like to see option for expired domains and after market.
Is this abandoned? I'm looking for reviews online, more info etc but nothing. Prices are much higher than usual so don't think it's worth it. Love the branding and Muxu.Muxu (the studio that owns Cactomain, I think they bought it) seems like a cool agency but I'm afraid the cute graphics are more of a trick :) I started the process of buying a .com domain for 15$ (already higher than the competition) and then once I reached the check-out, it said final price = 15$+3$ TAX = 18$. That's literally double that of the competition. And I consider not including the tax a "hidden fee" since people understandably assume that the price they see in the search results next to the domain, is what they are expected to pay at the end.