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Thanks for posting Jack! Great to be on Product Hunt. I'm happy to help if anyone has any questions about Cableyoyo.
@heydomdom Amazing product! For me, the USB use case if what sealed the deal!
If this keeps my headphones untangled... this little gadget thing is worth BILLIONS of dollars.
@nivo0o0 I've got one. It totally does.
Priced just right, too.
@mimi_wong yeah; it's way cheaper than I was expecting. looks very high-end
I've always found that the microphone causes a lot of problems with products like this. Either the cable starts to split where it enters the microphone controller, or the controller housing itself starts to break open :/ Putting a magnet in the centre is a neat idea though 👏
Awesome. I still have an original CableYoyo that I carry daily. Definitely picking one of these up.
@notaustintexas Wow.. We redesigned this as a 10 year anniversary to the original one. It's been quite the trip for such a simple product.