Cabana is a design system for Sketch built by Marc Andrew, author of the book “Sketch App Essentials” and creator of the blog

This kit has over 110 components to help jump start any UI. All symbols are carefully organized within a library.

Key features: 8 Point Grid System Ready, Easily Resizable Symbols, Free and Regular Updates.

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For all you awesome Product Hunt folks. Use the code - PRODUCTHUNT25 to receive 25% OFF Cabana!! Hey folks. I'm Marc from kissmyUI and the author of Cabana. I was so inspired by the awesome systems out there, and especially the folks at UXPowerTools (Jon & Christian). You guys rock! That i decided to create my own Design System - Cabana. Nearly 2 months later, and countless tea (I'm British), I'm pleased to release this Design System for Sketch. If you have any questions, please ask away...