Hangout and watch videos with friends. New from tumblr.

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Very similar to Houseparty but focused on watching (cat) videos together. The addition of videos could be a nice icebreaker for this kind of social interaction, giving people a reason to hangout. Will play with this tonight. πŸŽ‰
@rrhoover So Houseparty, Uptime and Hangouts had a baby ..called CABANA? Yahoo released a video app where you sent silent video messages back and forth like a year or so ago right?
Interesting concept, just reinforces the idea that the pendulum is swinging towards the viewers. Reactions becoming actions!!!!
You thought Facebook copying Snapchat stories was bad? This is Tumblr just copying an entire app and just adding one new feature. I'll stick with Houseparty. I am sure they will just steal this idea from Tumblr in a week or so....And then no one will be original again
That's a fun app! but I ask myself, there was already such an app, Rounds, that allowed watching live videos and play games together. It raised tenths of millions from Sequoia etc, but then was sold to Qik and the app was closed down. ( . Houseparty was also raising $50 lately (again, from Sequoia) but it is experiencing a plateau now. Can you please explain why is this going to work now?
@assafgi Tumblr's 550 million monthly users will probably help
I think this an interesting concept as far as promoting group activity. I am curious to see how they will continue to iterate and innovative because Houseparty could very easily add a feature like this. Do you have to have a video playing in order to communicate? Would be interesting if they added a feature were group members could use emojis to react to specific parts of the video they are viewing.