One search. One experience. One remote. All your content.

Caavo unifies all your devices, apps and content into a single experience. Plug everything — cable or satellite, streaming boxes or sticks, gaming consoles, DVD and Blu-ray players — into Caavo’s eight HDMI inputs and connect to your TV. Caavo automatically knows which device to use, searches all your apps, finds what you want, and plays it.

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1 Review5.0/5
This needs Trakt integration, ASAP. Where are the makers?
Sweet design, tech, and idea, but $400 and no HDR? No thanks.

Finally a way to turn on the TV and watch something without all the pain of finding the right channel, figuring out how to turn the volume up, finding the right remote....


Easily switch between devices, apps, shows and live TV. Beautiful design one remote to rule them all.


Expensive - but not so bad compared to universal remotes everywhere.

Great job!! Really loved the addition to all digital streaming platform but 400$ just for a remote and dishkind in my mind is too much and not satisfactory. Rather we go for some other device which can solve the same purpose in an lesser pricing.
Cool idea. But can you make it cheaper? What is the most reason of such a high price?