C-FORCE the thinnest 4K USB-C display

4k usb-c portable display monitor 6mm thick and weighs 700g

C-FORCE is proud to announce the first product in its modular screen suite series: C-FORCE CF015C. It provides a stylish, compact portable display that combines sophisticated design aesthetics with functional features to deliver a refined modular screen.
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A sexy display~
Nice product. I'm really interested in buying this product. How can I buy this product?
Is this product 3D Compitable?
@paul_sweeney Sorry, it is not.
C-FORCE CF015C The thinnest 4K USB-C portable display is the best product I ever seen. I will be recommending this to all my friends.
K USB-C portable display is a very good product with its features & special quality.
@diarmuidthoma C-FORCE is making effort for quality in every way.