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Shubham Datta
Shubham DattaMaker@shubham · Working with startups @SurePathCap
Hey Product Hunters - here's a brief overview of our latest episode: Subscription-based streaming services for music and video have changed the way we consume content. Danial and Shubham dig deeper into the future of media and what it means for consumers. Danial continues to complain - this time about video ads on Spotify. Meanwhile, Shubham continues to mourn the absence Taylor Swift on Spotify. Danial then ridicules Shubham for his love of Taylor Swift. 0:00 - Intro 0:50 - Catch-up 6:38 - Follow-up / Things we missed 11:02 - Media (Netflix and cable bundles, the future of the Apple TV, Spotify and Apple Music) 36:38 - Byte of the Week: Wealthsimple 45:02 - Wrap-up Website: Facebook: Twitter: @bytescast Medium: iTunes: Stitcher:
Shaan Puri
Shaan Puri@shaanvp · ceo, Monkey Inferno
@shubham you forgot your blab link :) Good meeting you guys last weekend