Shareable screens that link to each other and the web

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Hiiii! Founder of Byte here. "Bytes" are phone-sized documents that can combine text, images, video, GIFs, drawings, sound, and hyperlinks (both to other Bytes and to the wider web). Byte's network is designed to be document centric, rather than user or author centric. If you can view Bytes, I've written a little more about that at byte://no-id. As a random aside, the "Byte" name has been used internally for three distinct products and probably ten times as many iterations. If you can view Bytes, you can get a little glimpse into that at byte://history. Happy to answer any questions! P.S. @rrhoover — time to support URL schemes in your [a] tags! :P
@dhof haha, yes. "Add byte:// support to comments" added to our Trello board. 😊
@dhof Playing with the app now, and it's really interesting. What is the long-game for Byte? What's the big vision? How do you hope people will use it?
@lovejmw Great question! I think our biggest bet is on document centricity. Most of the networks we use today are focused on establishing an identity and the series of posts that fan out from that identity. Our approach focuses on the post (or the document) as its own distinct entity, even if that document exists primarily as a hub to link to other documents. In this model, we hope that there is more of an incentive to create things that "last". This is our first day — it'll take some time to see if that pans out or not.
As for specific use cases... we'll see. It's still early. :)
Byte's absurdity reminds me of Geocities in the best way. 😀 That said, I don't entirely "get it." I played with the beta (and followed the conversation on Product Hunt with @dhof when they announced the new app) and found it a bit confusing and time-consuming, similar to the recently launched betaworks app, Glitter. If I'm going to invest a lot of effort to create a Byte, the reward needs to be high. I think I need to just play with it more and now that it's live, the network effects and social interactions can play out. I love that they opened up an API. Curious how that plays out.
That was fun! Lost 10 minutes making this - great combo of intrigue in a UX with a quick learning curve
@mdeiters Thanks, Matthew!