The platform for music before it's on streaming services

Privately share your music. Seamlessly send & receive watermarked and non-watermarked streams and downloads.

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Looks like 1 month till full launch, but users can still sign up now. It's definitely a niche problem, but managing music to share with publications, producers, recording engineers, record labels, without music leaking or being abused is still a problem for artists in the streaming age. Here's some more info on the service's free tier
@tylerh this looks really interesting. I'd be intrigued to hear how journalists and the people receiving the files react - will this result in more reviews/looks at an artists' work or will the blanket feel of sending an automated file/press release to a handful of people be a turn off for the recipients? That is what I would be most concerned about as a user/musician. But I agree - even niche problems can use a good solution :)
Thanks for posting @tylerh @samchristie you are right to consider the impact choice of service has on the recipient's willingness to listen. In fact I've highlighted the same in a few interviews lately, which I've added below. No question those in the media suffer the most, though all of us are drowning in links in emails! So look at Byta as a way for anyone to send & receive digital audio. One service, built for everyone working in music today :) CMU http://www.completemusicupdate.c... Music Week 4pt5