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More white people "safety" apps 🙃 "Why are you making this about race?" Police target communities of color --> those communities have higher crime rates because police are always there,meaning POC get in trouble for things white people do just as/more often because they're being scrutinized --> this app is a way for white people to stay out of communities of color while continuing to criminalize POC
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@maxwellhallel Why are we attaching this label to this app? Lets not make any preconceived generalizations. Crime happens everywhere regardless of color. I have lived in LA my whole life and you wont catch me in South LA; that's reality. I challenge you to walk through Watts, Compton, and non black communities like Azusa or Pomona and let me know whether you feel comfortable.
@maxwellhallel Bypass DOES NOT discriminate by race nor census data such income or food stamp distribution. Bypass takes you the RELATIVE safest route. You can be in an affluent area or an area that is perceived as dangerous and Bypass will take you the relatively safest route around the crime in that neighborhood. Bypass operates as a street level granularity not at a neighborhood level. Bypass will not direct you around whole suburbs. If you try out the app you will see how the routing works. We are trying to make people aware of their surroundings and proactively keep people safe. We are actively working with the community in Watts Housing in Compton to get the data for the area as the community has identified their kids need this app to improve safety. I encourage you to try out the app and I am happy to personally receive any feedback you have.
@maxwellhallel Police target communities of crime, not race.
@harryjohndixon It doesn't explicitly discriminate based on those factors, but crime rates are highly intertwined with race, which is also highly intertwined with income; see the links I shared with @zappe below I do appreciate that you are working with communities for a level of inclusion, but in truth having systematic way to help people avoid other people only disenfranchises those communities even further.
Hi All! Bypass is a mobile application aimed at mitigating the public’s exposure to dangerous areas by taking them around high crime risk streets. We have just released a 'beta' app in LA (specifically Santa Monica) that we would love for you to check out: A bit more on how Bypass works: Bypass leverages machine learning, crunching thousands of dynamic data sets, to continually learn from crime reports, seasonal data and the user’s feedback to track how crime areas evolve and to ensure people are being routed the fastest way around real threat areas. Bypass operates at a street level granularity not only at a neighborhood level. Bypass takes you the relatively safest route whether you are in a historically dangerous or safe area. Bypass learns whether taking Wilshire Ave at 2am or Santa Monica Blvd is safest based off crime data, the amount of the street lighting, whether it’s raining, if there was a Lakers basketball game+ many other factors. Bypass not only provides a routing feature. Bypass visualizes data to show a heat maps of crime, raw crime data, points of interest (eg shopping centers, hospitals, police stations etc), where public street lamps are (the most well lit areas) as well as the free wifi zones. We hope to release a ‘guardian’ feature where you can have your friends or family virtually track your journey home. Bypass is keeping users proactively safe rather than reacting to crime. We would love for you to try out our Beta and provide feedback! We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have as well! Thanks!
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Great concept. Looking forward to explore more!
"The Waze for Safe Driving" (as opposed to fastest route)
@andrewett "Waze for Walking" :)
@hermano360 Oh this is walking directions, not driving? Like Companion?
@andrewett Companion is a great solution for safety but we are aiming to be proactive not reactive. We use machine learning to take you the safest route statistically/through feedback as well as reactive help rather than just provide help after an incident happens.
Great app if you're planning on living your life in fear.
@andreasduess have you seen the world lately :)