A goal tracker for the ambitious 👑

Byozo is an app for the ambitious. No frills, no gimmicks, only what you need to succeed. Learn whether you're pushing yourself to grow, or you spending your time shrinking. Learn whether you're transforming your time into impact, or watching it waste away.
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Hey PH, I'm Cassius, founder and maker of Byozo. We're creating an ecosystem for the ambitious. Since every champion starts as a challenger, we're here to help the challengers of this world become champions. Byozo is built on the principles of progressive overload, which is a fancy way of saying we help you build your mind like your muscles. You wouldn't go to the gym for the first time and squat 400lbs, so why treat your mind the same way? Consistent progress over time delivers results. We have big plans for Byozo in the future, including: - Accountability //Imagine others cheering you on and guiding you down the right path. - Analytics //Learn what you need to do more of, and what you need to do less of - Coaching //Work with others that share similar goals to 10x your growth - Habits //Create a system which automatically guides you toward success - Native + Web //The complete Byozo experience across all your favourite devices The current version of Byozo is perfect if you're looking to improve your focus, learn whether you're pushing yourself to grow, and learn if your actions = results. We’re making this version of Byozo for free for now, so you can see the benefits for yourself. Now go and download Byozo on iOS or Android 🔥
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