AI-Powered Resume Phrase Generator

BYOR bot will read your resume and tell you how to improve the sentences that you wrote.

Maria Segal
  • Maria Segal
    Maria SegalProduct Manager

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    Very Limited Position List

    Couldn't use with my PM resume. Only works for data scientists or developers resumes.

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This is fascinating! Just ran across this AI-powered resume reviewer. Good suggestions and positive feedback with real ways to improve your resume. (Above is the result of a sample resume I tried it with:
This will work best if you're a data scientist or engineer. I still put my resume through and it picked out a couple of sentences in my resume that could be more action focused.
@sarahjukes Hi Sarah, thanks for the feedback! We'll make some more profiles available such as product manager and UI/UX designer. Please check us out again in October!
I uploaded my resume and it provides good feedback, so this tool definitely works. Is it 100% AI powered or is there some Human reviewing also?
@cmwilson15 Hi Wilson, the suggestion is 100% AI. After that you can send your resume to a human reviewer as well.
It couldn't read my most recent one, so... @thetli8
@elizabethhunker Hi Elizabeth, if BYOR can't read it, there is a very high chance that your resume won't be read by other automated systems as well. Send me your resume at I'll take a look.
Interesting concept. For someone who reviews thousands of resumes.. this is a tool I can recommend. Thanks!
@jsztern Thanks Jordan for using BYOR!