Bynd Android 3.0

One app to view all your feeds! Now on Android.

View all relevant content from sources such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Medium and 70+ news channels, in one unified feed.

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Thank you @bramk! Today we proudly release v3.0 of Bynd: One app to view all your feeds! In the past couple of months, we completely restructured features and gave it all a fresh new design. Here is a list of all integrations: • Twitter. • YouTube. • Facebook. • Instagram. • Trending Topics from Reddit, Medium and Product Hunt 😻. • 130+ of the most popular News channels such as BBC, New York Times or The Washington Post. Better, faster and more intelligent. I’ll be doing a Q&A throughout the day :). Happy to answer all of your questions!
@oemerax Looks very interesting, can you connect your own Reddit account and have your own feed ? What are the next integrations your planning to add ?
@tgerin thanks for the comment, Thibaud! For now, it's only available in the "Trending" section, but in the near future you'll have the option to vote which channels we should implement next. For instance on iOS, many users requested YouTube and News channels and that's what we've implemented. Let me forward the idea with Reddit ot the team! :)
Cool, never knew this even existed. 👍
@androidlove Thank you for your feedback Carlos:)
@androidlove Your feedback means the world to us. You rock carlos 🙌🏼 .
Congrats on the Android launch and cheers from the 4th floor!
@digitalbreed Cheers back, Matthias. Let's celebrate this next Monday! 🎉
Looks like an interesting product, will definitely try it out!
@markaulayculkin Thanks Mark. You can reach us 24/7 at

My morning routine consists of opening Instagram, then Twitter, then Facebook, and so on and on.

It's tiring, repetitive and a waste of time.

Bynd is offering a solution by collecting the feeds of all those in one single place.

This feels like one of those apps that everyone will use in the near future.


Huge time saver


none so far

It's all about time-saving Demm! We're glad you like it :).