Bynd 3.0

One iOS app to view all your feeds

Bynd is a productivity tool which helps you to consume relevant content more efficiently!

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Thank you @bramk – Today we proudly release v3.0 of Bynd: One iOS app to view all your feeds! In the past couple of months, we completely restructured features and gave it all a fresh new design. Here is a list of all integrations: • Twitter. • Medium. • YouTube. • Facebook. • Instagram. • Designer News. • Trending Topics from Reddit and Product Hunt 😻. • and up to 70 of the most popular News channels such as BBC, New York Times or The Washington Post. In addition to that, Bynd also provides: • Inbox Zero. • All new UI and UX. • Instagram Activities & Stories. • Shake your phone to report a bug. • Mixed feed and seperate tabs for each channel. • Tiles disappear automatically, once you've read it! • Bynd Messaging: Share any content with your Bynd friends without leaving the app. Better, faster and more intelligent. I’ll be doing a Q&A throughout the day :). Happy to answer all of your questions!
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@oemerax solid app! Nice work. Any way to turn on a timestamp for the cards in the feed?
@godsgotvision thanks Justin! Your cards are sorted chronologically. Therefore we removed the timestamps. Do you really need it?
@oemerax so how did you get Facebook in here? I had it working fantastic on a BB10 app I wrote and FB forced me to remove the read feed permission
@oemerax @godsgotvision 100% needed. I find myself looking at some posts that are very old without knowing. I am not sure why they appear at the top.
@itsthisjustin we are working with the official API Justin.
Hey PH, Raul here — I designed Bynd 3.0. The whole team and I worked together to revamp the whole UX to make it as easy as possible to navigate through the different channels. If you have any question, design-wise, I'd love to be able to talk with you.
@perte one of the most-talented designers I've met! Well done, Raul :).
@perte Great job 👏
@perte I have say that it is a bit buggy. Where should we submit feedback? Also the app costs $2.99 USD but that doesn't give you all the networks. I really think besides removing the ads you should get all the features.
@andrewjb44 @perte Andrew, you get five channels free instantly. For the other ones, you simply have to invite your friends! The more you have onboard, the better the experience. The $2,99 are for removing ads. You can submit all bug reports to!
@oemerax @perte @byndapp Technically it does make sense, but just seems to be ridiculous that you require something from your paying customers. I realize that you are saying you get AD free usage, but you should get all features without pestering your friends.
Wow, I just can't wait to try the Android version. This is something we've all always wanted, thanks for doing it. I hope there would be a way for me to try it out right away but...I guess I'll need to be patient! Keep it up guys!
@eveningkid Thanks Arnaud for your feedback. We are working hard to make ' Bynd' better. Be patient we will release the Android Version asap ;)
@eveningkid really appreciate your message, Arnaud! :)
Daaamn! Downloading it right now! 😮
@oemerax curious, how are you pulling in a user's IG content, since IG killed off feed reading apps last year?