Byepass for Wordpress

Login to Wordpress without a password

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Login to Wordpress without a password.

Byepass for Wordpress is a free Wordpress plugin that enables passwordless logins using Byepass.

You simply login with your email address and click a magic link that gets emailed to you and Hey Presto, you are in!

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Jijo Jose
Jijo Jose@jijojosein · Founder - AceBox Media
This is really great. Looking forward to SMS integration.
Igor Gorbenko
Igor Gorbenko@di_ry · SaaS Marketing Manager
how do you already have 200+ upvotes? PH day started one hour ago. Other products are at 20–30 upvotes... Try brigading in smaller numbers next time, fishy AF
dommMaker@domm · Technical Founder & CEO
@di_ry wow really pessimistic. Our listing page went live 12+ hours ago I presume when yours did and we have been promoting it since. You do realise upvotes start before the day starts right?
@di_ry @domm wait, what? How?
Jijo Jose
Jijo Jose@jijojosein · Founder - AceBox Media
@di_ry That's what happens when you make amazing products. 😉
Ram@ramkumarhq · Startups Lover, Business Consultant
@di_ry -- the producthunt publishes featured content on front page once a day (i.e. you saw before 6 hours), but it doesn't mean the product is voted or submitted at that time. You could very well submit the products well in advance (example: 10-12 hours in advance), people who are in producthunt could vote well in advance. Next time, PRESS "NEWEST" tab on the top and see how many new products are posted on producthunt everyday, It's currently set to "POPULAR" tab where only featured posts will be shown...I hope now you know how the Producthunt works. It's always good to know the facts before you oppose someone... ;)
J. Alexander Curtis
J. Alexander Curtis@_jacurtis · Co-Founder, Yagi Telecom
@di_ry @ramkumarhq lol best GIF!
Christopher Jennings
Christopher Jennings@christopherejennings · UX/UI
This is awesome, I just installed on my blog, if only I could have this on every site I use.
dommMaker@domm · Technical Founder & CEO
@christopherejennings working on it ;)
Lance Riccio
Lance Riccio@lancericcio · ICO Expert, Growth Hacker, Consultant
So much better than passwords!
dommMaker@domm · Technical Founder & CEO
@lancericcio 100% - more secure, less annoying and faster. No more forgotten passwords!
Christina Marie Banker
Christina Marie Banker@christinamariebanker · Brand and Digital Marketing Consultant
I need this for my shopify site.
dommMaker@domm · Technical Founder & CEO
@christinamariebanker working on as many integrations as I can at the moment! Shopify high on priorities!