Generate anonymous emails to protect your identity

#5 Product of the DayMarch 29, 2019
Bye is a service to generate anonymous email addresses to protect your personal identity when registering in new sites. Each Bye address is linked to a domain, so only messages sent from addresses of that domain will be forwarded to you.
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Hello Product Hunt! I'm the maker of Bye. I created Bye because I really hate spam. Also, a couple of months ago I received an email asking me for some bitcoin to keep my personal info private. The Bitcoin wallet received more than $4M from people around the world that believed it. The hacker only took a leaked database and contacted everyone. I made Bye to create an additional security layer when registering in new sites.
@daquinons Why does it state that it costs $19.99/yr, but then on the sign-up screen it says "Premium ($19.99/month)" in the dropdown?
@ezchile Hello Colin! Thanks for the notice. The plan was set in Stripe as yearly but in the frontend was written as monthly... stupid mistake from my side. Thanks everyone for the upvotes, I've decided to close the signups for the moment after the feedback received to improve the experience :)
@daquinons The video looks cool so I wanted to check it out, but my browser says: "This site can’t provide a secure connection. sent an invalid response. SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@daquinons Yikes your SSL seems to be off! 🚨
+1 for the idea and easy implementation. Although the use-case makes sense, how are you safeguarding your systems against any threats? Any encryption?
Sounds good but why did you decide to use paying without giving a user at least one free try?
Why do you need an account for this?
Great job! 😊 I'm bit skeptical with anonymity emails. Could you help me understand this so that I can use it? Does it keep a tab of emails used for further escalation of any untoward situation happens