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Thanks for the kind words, @eric3000! I'm one of the founders of BuzzStream. @jasondainter, if you have any questions as you dig in, don't hesitate to reach out. Happy to set up a time for a walk-through as well.
@paulmay HI Paul. What a great tool! We started using it. It's death to spreadsheets from now on. Wanted to offer two suggestions: 1. Automatically adding the name of the Author and the Title of specific articles a page links to. 2. According to the Author's name, searching for an email, perhaps with a Norbert integration or Rapportive api...
I've used in the past and was very helpful in organizing link prospecting and outreach. It's a great product that is taking something we all used to do in Excel and spinning it off into a powerful SaaS product that takes full advantage of APIs (like the Moz API). They also have great content on their site. I recommend their guide to content promotion they recently published:
Thanks for the feedback @eric3000 - I'm ever more keen to test this out now! We ran a fairy elaborate system at our startup late last year with blogger outreach that did very well at the top of the funnel (getting positive replies from bloggers/journalists) but the blockers for us were organising those leads, being able to mass mail some (the lower PR stuff for example) vs single out personal email to higher end prospects. Looks like this could solve that problem, I'll report back once I've tested it! Cheers for tip on the guide too, looks insightful.

After all these years, it's still the best tool to use for outreach


Low barrier to entry, while still having some advanced features


Can be slow at times

I have been looking like a product like this for some time that puts all the tools you need (lead sourcing, contact management, email etc) into one place for those who now realise effective 'seo' is mostly about blogger/journalist outreach. I havn't tried it yet, but the demo looks promising. I like the fact email is integrated into this also, I tried a similar thing using Gmail + Streak but this looks like it does a better job. The pricing was also fairly reasonable I thought.