Buzznog Catalyst

Your personal network to engage and interact with your fans

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Something about the design and UI of the site screams Spotify to me. Unsure if that's good or bad?
As the "fan" why would I download the app? I will just get endless promos and upsells (clearly I am not the target)
@hannahkzambrano well it's a private community, there wouldn't be endless promos and upsells. It's for Music artist and brands to interact with those "true fans" and build the direct relationship.
@ryanheybourn Familiarity can be good for those who don't like change. The app offers great features for music artist that see the shift that happening in the music industry. Having a direct relationships with your fans in your own network that you own is priceless.
What fans?
@gabriel__lewis well we create a exclusive app for the music artist to have their own private network for their fans
So as an artist, would I be able to have my own app from your template? Or is it one app that all artists share? I couldn't find any priceing info, how do you charge for this? Would an artist buy an customized app and backend tools to analyze and to add new content? Are you also offering additions and changes to this app-template? For instance if an artist would like spotify integration?
@mikaellowgren Hello, yes the app would be customized specifically to your brand. I can email you the pricing details. Buzznog has tools so the artist, can add content, music, videos, and be able to send messages directly to fans. The Spotify integration is actually being a added feature on the app soon.
@reyfonder Please mail me: I just discussed how to create an app for a band, and this could be a perfect start for them.
@mikaellowgren Ok cool I will be emailing you all the details. Thanks!!
Hello Hunters, I wanted to introduce a newly launched app for Artists, Brands, and celebs. I'm here for any questions. Your own personal network to engage and interact with your fans via a white-labeled mobile app. Buzznog Catalyst (Artist App) Buzznog is a global engagement platform powering micro-social communities with OTT content and Big Data analysis. Brands (music artists, sports figures, celebs) are connected with their passion fans via a white-labeled mobile app to create meaningful experiences and drive stickiness with long-term engagement all while collecting and analyzing actionable data along the way. This of course creates advertiser and sponsor opportunities in addition to the monetization driven by the fans themselves. Different then other companies out there, the individual brand owns the data and content. Everything is custom to their creativity. Think of it as your own private mobile network… "Jaden TV". The features so far on the app include: Fan Feed Fan generated feed for fans to create and share their content with other users Exclusive Content Deliver exclusive content directly to fans with instant push notifications Gamification Allow fans to see where they rank as a superfan Monetization Convert your fan interactions into new revenue opportunities Social Media Hub Your social media feeds aggregated into a central hub In-Concert Experience: Push content such as downloads, offers, and even synchronized lightshows Music Player Easily add and release your album, EP, mixtape, or podcast Media Library A repository of your photos and videos for fans to engage with Analytics Analyze YOUR data to effectively measure and identify success