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I've been playing with this for the last half-hour and it's looking really promising. They've done some really thoughtful things about making it not only incredibly simple to get the latest news, but share that with others as well. It's really a nice front-end for their stellar news work they're doing and a good home that actually surfaces that for people to read. I think this gives them far better ways to get their news in front of people vs their homepage. I've even enabled push notifications! Great work! BTW: more thoughts about this app here on TNW:
@ow Nice write up. Possible alt. to NY Times Now is high praise indeed! Lots of players in this game right now. I just downloaded This.'s reader last week and have been enjoying quick access to its curated feed.
Super duper proud of this app and the team. I can also confirm that the team has even more cool features/ideas for this and are already hard at work on designing and building those. Buckle up, Internets.
@cap Very nice design, I've always loved buzzfeed and this bring the news closer to home. Great font BTW!
Congratulations on the launch - the native rendered tweets mixed into the news feed are gorgeous.
Two things. It's been a blast designing this. And we're hiring – come build with us! Our crackerjack team ruminates and GIFs over at #teamnewsapp! Stay tuned, there's exciting work on the roadmap coming your way.
I've been patiently awaiting the launch while following @s_m_i's tweets! Congrats on shipping News App team! :D