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#4 Product of the DayJune 19, 2017

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ICYMI, Buzzfeed is applying its expertise in story-telling and scale to selling products. Very smart and this integration/partnership with Shopify is an easy "sell" to people eager to get their products in front of more people. Does Buzzfeed capture an affiliate fee when referring customers, @yo?
@rrhoover BuzzFeed takes a small affiliate fee that a store owners sets when connecting to the BuzzFeed Sales Channel
@yo what is the fee based on? A completed sale, click through, other...?
@aainslie @yo you can set your commission as low as 0% (aka nada)-- so fee is optional. Commission is based on successful conversion only!
@ben_kaufman smart strategy for both sides πŸ‘
Hi everyone - Excited for the launch of this channel! It's the first opportunity for merchants to work directly with our content creators without taking on the costs of an affiliate network or PR firm. Products are easily discovered by our writers and all tracking, reporting and payouts are managed within the Shopify platform.
@nilla_ali Do we have to register our store anywhere? How does it work for existing shopify users?
@rahulr047 All you need to do is log into Shopify, click the plus (+) icon next to Sales Channel and select BuzzFeed. More information on how to get started on this Shopify Blog:
@nilla_ali Hi Nilla, I just installed this new Buzzfeed sales channel to my store! I believe I have the perfect products for you guys! <3 When will I know if my products are selected?
@nilla_ali this is fantastic!
Incredibly beneficial to all involved. Helps the stores receive distribution and helps BuzzFeed continue feeding its content machine. Clever implementation!
This is awesome. Already got our account set up for and looking forward to how this sales channel performs.
@alancassinelli so exciting! Welcome to our sales channel!
Is this available for Canada?
@asharq we're looking to roll this out to non-US merchants. We'll have more updates on that shortly!