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Wow - thanks for having us hunters! Here is the why on BuzzBoards. Please have a read and let us know what you think! A big thanks to everyone who helped me make this :)
@leewynne Pretty cool idea... How are these ideas then conveyed back to the company/brand/artist? Or is it just the constant tweeting ;) For example, if setting a board up for a celebrity in the hope that they will contribute to something? Do you worry that people will abuse the system and how do you plan to control it? I see a crossover/slight resemblence with Requests for Startups :)
Thanks for the feedback @bentossell - They are all viewable on each Inventr board (even the ones that expire) - they are shared via FB and Twitter (if permitted by the Inventr) and we can also provide the information direct. Ideally we would like the stakes to get higher and higher as the platform becomes more accepted and popular :) - ref the abuse, we have full moderation on the back end to ensure that all ideas add value.
Interesting London based startup. Lets consumers co-create the perfect feature/idea for a brand ....
@leewynne Love this! There are millions of corporate employees who don't realize that the knowledge they have is priceless. I'm hopeful that the business model there will mature beyond contests to recognized and fairly compensated contributions. But these are difficult calculations -- to begin having the conversations about innovation and invention and observation -- that's huge.
@kkdub Hey Kelly, thanks for the feedback and yep that's exactly how we think 😄 we can innovate from the outside in or from the inside out !