Buzz! Mental Maths

The perfect companion for kids learning mental arithmetic

Improve your mental maths with BUZZ! Maths. Sharpen your arithmetic skills in practice mode or step up to the challenge and beat your best run answering questions against the clock!
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Hi Product Hunt! Having started our own independent app development company in London 3 months ago now, Imogen (Designer) and Myself (Programmer) are really happy to launch our second app. Buzz! Mental Math(s) is an educational game for kids, primarily 7-11 but open to all ages, focusing on improving mental arithmetic. Learning times tables can be tedious as a child and we wanted to make it fun whilst being educational. We decided to separate the app into 2 parts: Challenge mode: where you race against a timer, the speed increasing as your score increases and scores recorded on a global leaderboard and a Practice mode: which is less punishing, no timer here and allows kids to focus on improving their maths at their own pace. Kids will actively want to improve on their scores and at the same time are improving their mathematics. We managed to do the full design and build in Swift in 2 weeks from concept to App Store and we are pretty proud of that. Let us know what you guys think? Thanks! Callum & Imogen, E8 Studios
What age bracket of kids is it aimed at? Looks neat.
@amirromi2 Hi Amir, it’s primarily aimed at the ages where kids start learning times table. In the UK that is from aged ~7. I’m not sure if it differs world wide. :)