Buyte Mobile Payments

Apple Pay for your visitors, any browser, any device.

Buyte provides a widget that allows you to implement Apple Pay with a simple snippet and have it exposed across all browsers and devices. No longer are your customers force to use Safari to pay with Apple Pay.

We also provide full support for our integrations, which means a faulty SSL certificate won't block your streamlined mobile payment method.

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Good job! Very comfortable tool.
@hrantarzumanyan Thank you for the feedback :)
We have a new post on Medium! Buyte is now embeddable on Medium and any other service using Embedly. Who would've thought Apple Pay could be used as a quick donate button :D
Can we integrate this to any platform Ryan?
@daryllau Hello Daryl, as it currently stands there is a self on-boarding process that allows anyone to connect Buyte to their Stripe account in order to obtain a public key and use the widget. For platforms that are not Stripe, we are able to develop custom solutions in order to offer the Buyte service regardless of your payment platform. If you want to use Buyte but do not use Stripe, contact in order to discuss the best strategic solution.
@buyte @ryan_soury Hi Ryan... I've just emailed you and included our Head of Payments as well.