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I could totally see the branching out into categories that have less clear cut choices. My only concern is that it ranks purely on specs, for example in phones megapixels aren't actually as important as optics - which is where the iPhone leads but on this site is down ranked because it has a lower MP camera.
@callumj Thank you for your feedback. Each feature like camera, display etc. is broken down into multiple sub-features (e.g. MP, sensor type, video resolution, frame rate etc for camera) and the score for the feature is a composite score that incorporates the scores for its constituents. As a result, the overall rating for the iPhone 6 camera on our website is actually quite high even though the megapixel score is not high - iPhone 6 is rated as 83 for camera which is up there with the very best. It's just that the 8MP part is being highlighted as 'Can live with this' i.e. decent but not great on the product page. The overall rating for iphone 6 camera is quite high. You can see this by discovering products through SmaartView - Choose camera on one of the axes, and you will definitely find iPhone 6 on the top quadrant which is reserved for best cameras. Regards Shyam
Hi there Product Hunters! BuySmaart is a website that uses AI to help you buy the right phone for your needs - do check out our implementation of AI for sentiment analysis of phone reviews. Find your personal phone in minutes, and pay only for the features you need. Would love to hear your feedback! Shyam