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I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about this. Possibly the most unique product on PH evar :)
@pjrvs PH wasn't around when I sold my last name, so this definitely has to be up there! Also, thank you (and Canada) for the amazing video backdrops
Hello PH! It is with great excitement that I share with you my next big project: I am selling my future. I pride myself on doing things that haven’t been done before. By challenging the status quo. Making decisions with my life and business that feel extremely congruent to me. For the past two years I’ve been focused on trying to teach people everything I’ve learned during my time as an entrepreneur. But if there’s one thing that’s stuck out like a sore thumb for me on this journey, it’s my dislike for the selling and promotion process every time I create something new (I may be good at it, but that doesn’t mean I love doing it). Today I’m hoping to remove that problem from my life and at the same time, give you the absolute maximum value possible. From September 22 - October 6, you can buy access to my life’s work for just $1,000. You get 14 guaranteed products ($4,500 in value) and access to an exclusive community of like-minded action taking people who want to teach more, create more, and sell more. Learn more at, feel free to ask questions below!
Hmm. Fair play that he's had an idea and executed it well - but I just don't like this. Maybe there's a part of me that's envious of the fact that he has had this idea and is pulling it off in style. Maybe because I'm unfamiliar with his work I just don't see the value. Maybe it's just the immature copy that I personally dislike. Maybe my reservations are justified. This has a "million dollar homepage" ring to it and I feel that it's pretty sketchy to ask lots of people to give you a significant amount of money without immediately adding value to their lives. Anyway, if people feel this will deliver them value then I hope it does. Congratulations on quite a unique idea.
@seanbarryuk I'm not even sure what to make of your comment. But I kind of like it. Hah.
@iwearyourshirt @seanbarryuk It's just my opinion of BuyMyFuture. I'm not instantly dismissing it, but I also don't see the value in it. If it works though, hats off to you.
@seanbarryuk Yeah, this set off all my alarm bells. Infoproducts? Check. Selling into an audience buying infoproducts to sell into infoproducts? Check. I mean, as an investment - sure, assuming he delivers. Invest a thousand bucks in what amounts to a series of infoproducts. An entrance into a high margin industry that just throws off cash on the back of someone who can do it... sure. Whatever. As something to be hailed as visionary or so unique whatever... no.
@shloky @seanbarryuk I'm not hailing it as visionary. I'm just saying that if it works, then it's a pretty unique thing. I mean, getting people to pay you money just for creating stuff that you were going to sell anyway? That's pretty clever, even if I think it's a sketchy move.
@seanbarryuk Yeah, sorry, didn't mean you, but there's a lot of that in this thread.
OK, for a second...forget how completely awesome and completely crazy and completely Jason this idea is. For one second, just contemplate the huge bundle of amazing shiz you get for a grand. (PLUS, everything Jason will ever create in the future. I live with him. I sit next to him. I watch him work. He's going to create a LOT.) Even without the J Zook creativity, sick-design and unicorn name-dropping, the legit VALUE in this bundle is like Christmas in September. Are you going to drop $2,000 on yet another "how to build your list" course or for half that, scoop up 14 separate products that will help you be the kind of entrepreneur you want to be. Plus, the Slack community. Plus, access to Jason. I love all the creative high-fives and back claps (we did a few this morning) but from a straight up price -> value perspective, this is a no-brainer. (It's such a good deal, I heard Lil' Dicky just bought it.)
Jason is a madman. In the best possible way. I love the execution on this! So well done.
@nathanbarry these are the words I love to hear. Normal is not for me :)