Full-body wearable superhero armor costumes

Full Body Armors' superhero and video game character costume replicas will secure your cosplay convention credibility, and make all of your Sundays Fundays. The made-to-measure suits transform wearers, from head to toe, into the likes of Iron Man, Batman, Deadpool, and Halo 5's Master Chief.

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These are ridiculously cool. Black Panther next? Are these officially licensed from the IP holders? I'm curious if there are any copyright infringement issues here given they are hyper-realistic or if these can be considered derivative works.
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@andygcook damn you ask a lot, but they got answers! :)
This is epic. Check this out, @SarahADowney.
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@rrhoover Can these guys make me an armored Stillsuit from Dune?!
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@rrhoover @sarahadowney thats a cool one
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Do they make these for women?
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@sarahadowney what costume are you interested in?
@sarahadowney wow nice! for you? :)
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For those of us that aren't Tony Stark. And can't build these in a cave. With a box of scraps.
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First heard of these guys when I saw Russell Brunson get his batman one. Very high quality!
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