Casual stock trading - thumb swipes only

Just tested this (iOS only). Great interface and this is bringing back the fun into trading actual stock. Might not be available in all countries though.
I'm not one to hate on another startup often, but oh man. "The problem with the stock exchange is that until now you needed a stack of cash and a lot of financial know-how to play the markets. BUX is going to change all that." Hahahahahahahahah. You do need a lot of financial know how to "play the markets". And the fact that they would use "play the markets" in their marketing says it all, ugh, just makes me want to take a shower, ewwwwwwww. The reason individual investors destroy themselves by trading their own accounts is because investing is the one profession that everyone believes they can do themselves, but no one would ever think of walking into an operating room and performing brain surgery. The online brokerages have brainwashed everyone to believe they can all be successful traders when every single study says you are hurting yourself financially. Investing isn't Tinder. But this startup believes they are a going to "change all that". C'mon guys. The marketing material says all you need to know about the potential success of this product, and I haven't even seen it yet, I don't have to!
Everything in the website speaks about stocks but at the bottom there is a disclaimer about CFDs. Big difference so which is it?
Would be awesome to do this for penny stocks. Probably not worth the transaction costs. I love the idea although worry a little bit - what if I swipe by mistake?
Howcome this isn't available in the US?
@danlev CFDs are not legal in the US.