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Buttr is a platform for making creative sites and web assets

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Hey PH πŸ‘‹, Buttr is a platform for making creative sites and web assets. Select an asset or site template, customize, save to your library, render a snapshot or export. Create high-quality custom creations with just a few clicks. Collections: - sites - emails - elements - ads - logos (coming soon) Buttr core features: πŸ“š Library - Choose from over 190 different assets and site templates. Assets cover emails, elements, ads and logos (coming soon). Site templates are sorted between agency, app, blog and portfolio categories. Create a landing page for your agency, launch an app, present your work portfolio or start a blog. πŸŽ› Easy Editor - Everything on Buttr can be fine-tuned to your needs using the Easy Editor. Buttr was engineered with ease of use in mind. Existing site editors are often cumbersome and force users to edit properties and values on one screen while waiting for the updates to propagate on the element or site. Buttr allows you to edit text, font size, color, padding and dozens of other properties directly within each element. This will save you countless hours of switching between source code and views when personalizing your assets and sites. Users have access to all elements while creating a site through an easy to use drag-and-drop panel. 🌎 Export - Every item you create on Buttr can be easily exported and hosted anywhere you like. Websites are exported as a single HTML file including the content of all pages. A lightweight SPA (single-page-application) script handles navigating beteween pages. Emails and ads can be downloaded as HTML or rendered to a snapshot image. The current library contains 190 assets and sites and will continue to grow over the next coming months. Please leave feedback, questions or comments.