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From the site Buttons introduces innovative ways to save your favourite websites and collaborate with others. Transform your bookmarks into webmarks! Sort them into groups, add notes, and assign tags. Searching for your bookmarks has never been easier. All your webmarks are stored securely on the cloud, so they are always available, anywhere you are.
Looks interesting. I've always loved Delicious but that has suffered from a lack of investment/new features for the last few years, so something new in this area is most welcome. The Premium price plan is good value i think. Going to give it a go.
@steve_brigden1 Thank you for your interest Steve, at Buttons we believe in simplicity and we wanted to find the right balance between great UX design and performance with minimal but great & useful features. We already have plans for further developments and will be introducing more organisation features in our future releases. Happy webmarking!
Hi I'm Owen one of the developers of Buttons. Thanks for featuring our product. Let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to reading your comments
Great and useful idea, especially for those who are really active in the web on everyday basis. I like the minimalistic approach you have applied to let users concentrate on content they save and get easily what they need.
@myalanska Thanks a lot Marina for your honest feedback! That is exactly what we wanted to achieve with Buttons. Let us know if you have any suggestions or ideas for future improvements :)