WiFi buttons that donate to charity, send email, SMS & more

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I love this, @edwardbenson! For my girlfriend's birthday, I created a button that texts us both an old random photo from a shared Dropbox folder. We both enjoy using it, especially when one of us is on a business trip and want a subtle way to let them know we're thinking of them. 😁
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@chadwhitaker That's amazing! I love it.
Hi all - one of the Buttonjoy makers here. We're super excited about this and would love to answer any questions. I created the "original Dash button hack" to track baby data, and the most interesting experience of that going viral was all the email I continue to get. For every tech-savvy user who writes, there are nine more who have great ideas but are hindered by all the technical details. Buttonjoy came out of the desire to remove all those technical hurdles from experimenting with the internet of things. Support for charities is the other part of this that has us excited (and a major tip of the hat to @nathanpryor's excellent ACLU button project). If any of you are working for nonprofits, we'd love to chat about ways we could help.
Love it, like a physical-world version of IFTTT.
@kleneway Thanks Kevin. Yeah--what has us really curious: the question of what happens when IoT devices pass the threshold into "creative play" territory. I think that's what IFTTT has been able to capture really well for API trigger/response. My read of the IoT space is that the programming overhead is still a bit too much to really unlock all sorts of grassroots creative IoT apps. Make it just a bit easier and maybe great things start to happen
@edwardbenson This is great. Can I update the function after ordering? Possible to customize the sticker on the front? How long does the battery last and is it replaceable?
@kristofertm Yes, you can update. And it's not on the web page, but we also give you an API to access data about the pushes you made, as well as a spreadsheet that stores them all. We're working on user-customizable stickers right now but can't give a certain answer yet. We expect the first batch to ship with a sticker that's mostly white that you can write on. We use Amazon's stock IoT buttons, which are rated for about 1,000 pushes before the battery gives out. Unfortunately it's not replaceable.
Nice, @edwardbenson. What's the most creative use case you've seen?
Hi @rrhoover 💖🙌 ! So many clever ideas rolling in. At home, lots of data tracking (and alert buttons for Grandma). At work, we added a "Slack doorbell" functionality which is pretty cool. My favorite so far is folks sticking it under their desks to call their own phone when a meeting is running too long. ("The Young Pope Button":
) We're building in web hook support and I think that'll open up the space for creative play even more. DM me PH's addr and I'll send you one :)
@edwardbenson awesome! We're at: 90 Gold St Floor 3 San Francisco, CA 94133 🙌🏼