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Last week I received a mysterious package via UPS. The return address was torn off. I thought to share my curiosity via Meerkat and started to stream the unboxing. When I opened the package, I was delighted to find these: Although I had a hunch @everette and team were behind this (thanks!), even though Sticker Mule hadn't yet announced their expansion to buttons. @everette - you recently expanded your sticker operations to custom wall graphics and now buttons. What's next?
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@everette @rrhoover very nice, i want to have!
This is from the Sticker Mule team. They've teamed up with Product Hunt to give every product hunter an awesome button pack.
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Cool! Shame this wasn't posted a few weeks ago, as I just ordered 750 buttons to go in the box for my Kickstarter shipments. Pricing is comparable to what I paid, and I like that they offer volume discounts for multiple designs. This was actually something I asked of the supplier I used that they said they couldn't do (if I order 100 of 5 designs, I don't get the 500 button rate), so will be using these guys for the next order. And... totally signed up for that button pack :)
@rossdcurrie Thanks for the love Ross, glad you're coming to us next time. Hopefully for stickers too =)
@everette would love it if Sticker Mule had a presence in Asia. The experience is so good, but international shipping makes it a slight cost burden.
We're super excited to launch this new brand and product. Please take advantage of the Free Product Hunt Button Pack giveaway =). If you have any questions, let me or @ac132 know. Thanks for the support everyone.
Hey Product Hunt! This has been in the works for awhile now so we're thrilled to finally put it out there. Let me know if you have any questions at all. :-)