Buttery for Android

Craft beer, wine and spirits, delivered in 60 mins.

This is interesting, I am intrigued. Any plans for an iOS version?
@3raxton Thanks! Buttery for iOS is already available in the App Store. You can get it here https://appsto.re/us/AJlO0.i. Let us know if you have any feedback and what we could do better there.
Hey @chrismessina Thanks so much for hunting Buttery and howdy Product Hunters! For those who don't know, Buttery is an app to discover, find and order local, craft and unique beers, wines and spirits at local stores and be get delivery in 60 mins. Until today, customers could use Buttery's website or iOS app (https://appsto.re/us/AJlO0.i) but we are thrilled to to launch the Android app of Buttery here. This is a completely native app and has taken us about 3 months from development to production. On Buttery, customers are shown all liquor stores that we partner with in a given area and you are able to browse and search their entire inventory in real-time and order drinks for delivery in 60 mins or reserve for pick up. The shopping experience on Buttery is just as if you were standing inside your local liquor store but now you are doing it from the comfort of your couch. You pay the same price in the store and there's a small delivery fee! We focus heavily on making it easy for you to discover local, craft and hard-to-find beers, wines and spirits and we do that by highlighting trending breweries, distilleries and also enabling the stores to recommend you products through the Buttery App. In addition, we heavily personalize your liquor shopping experience through "Buttery Concierge" which is a free service available in our iOS and Android apps. Through Buttery Concierge, a customer is able to chat with our drinks expert in real-time and get product recommendations for food pairing, help in finding the perfect gift or simply assist you placing large corporate orders. For retailers, the Buttery platform is the fastest way to enable online and mobile e-commerce, start reaching new customers and increase sales. Unlike our competition, we create branded web and mobile storefronts that our partners can use as their primary channel of doing commerce. Our team will be here all day and answer any questions you may have! Happy Sipping!
@gauravdmehta congrats on the launch!