Deep focus on one task & grow butterflies

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Edvins Antonovs@edvins_antonovs · maker • husband • father
So it's a Forest App https://www.forestapp.cc/ clone but with butterflies?!
Arman SuleimenovHunter@suleimenov · CEO, 021Labs.com
@edvins_antonovs Yup! We're clearly experiencing an idea crisis :P
Edvins Antonovs@edvins_antonovs · maker • husband • father
@suleimenov Right :D Well app itself looks awesome! But I prefer to grow the tress haha
Simon Raczka@simonhdma · Owner, Handimania
@edvins_antonovs Thanks for letting me know about Forest app! Visualization of whole forest to track progress during the week is awesome!! Butterfly look like cheapo clone.
Edvins Antonovs@edvins_antonovs · maker • husband • father
@simonhdma Yeah Forest app is awesome, being using it for years.
Arman SuleimenovHunter@suleimenov · CEO, 021Labs.com
Hi, Product Hunt! At ZeroToOneLabs.com we pay our bills by building mobile apps for our clients. To make things more fun, we initiated the following tradition - at least once a month we run a week long hackathon where every team member is free to work on any app s/he wants. There are only 2 rules: 1) the app must be useful in a single player mode (without any of your friends on the platform); 2) the app has to be built & launched in a week. Butterfly is the first app which came out from this tradition. It’s clearly inspired by Shaokan Pi’s Forest app which I’m a huge fan of - already planted a few trees in India/Zambia on the points I collected there. Any app ideas for our future hackathons? Stoked to build something useful for the Product Hunt community.