Deep focus on one task & grow butterflies

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So it's a Forest App https://www.forestapp.cc/ clone but with butterflies?!
@edvins_antonovs Yup! We're clearly experiencing an idea crisis :P
@suleimenov Right :D Well app itself looks awesome! But I prefer to grow the tress haha
@edvins_antonovs Thanks for letting me know about Forest app! Visualization of whole forest to track progress during the week is awesome!! Butterfly look like cheapo clone.
@simonhdma Yeah Forest app is awesome, being using it for years.
Hi, Product Hunt! At ZeroToOneLabs.com we pay our bills by building mobile apps for our clients. To make things more fun, we initiated the following tradition - at least once a month we run a week long hackathon where every team member is free to work on any app s/he wants. There are only 2 rules: 1) the app must be useful in a single player mode (without any of your friends on the platform); 2) the app has to be built & launched in a week. Butterfly is the first app which came out from this tradition. It’s clearly inspired by Shaokan Pi’s Forest app which I’m a huge fan of - already planted a few trees in India/Zambia on the points I collected there. Any app ideas for our future hackathons? Stoked to build something useful for the Product Hunt community.